Buffet dinner for 100 persons

Domiaty Zaffa

4 layers Wedding Cake


Video registration with two cameras (all night long)

2 photography films 72 pictures 

6 Bride & Groom wedding photo  album, one large photo 50 x 60 complimentary


2 night’s accommodation+ 01 Day Use Room

Royal Breakfast

Selection of breads
Salad Buffet

Assorted Oriental Salads: Baladi salad - Tehina - Babaghanoug – Moutabel – Hommos with tehina - Yogurt with cucumber – White beans – Mixed pickles - Marinated tomato  

Assorted International Salad:Carrot - Cucumber - Lettuce -Tomato – Greek salad - Coleslaw - Potatoes salad 

Assorted Dressings: Thousand Islands – French dressing – Blue cheese dressing - Olive oil

Hot Buffet 

Veal piccata with mushroom sauce 

Grilled chicken oriental style

 Fish filet sayadiah


Potatoes puree

Oriental rice with khalta

Stuffed vine leaves

Carving station 

2 Roasted turkey

Dessert Buffet

Oriental Delight : Konafa – Beklawa – Basbosa – Zalabia –Mohalabia - Rice Pudding – Balah El Sham - Om Ali
French Pastries: Assorted of Gateaux Soirées - Chocolate Tart- Black Forest - Cream Caramel 

Fresh juice –mineral water 

Soft Drinks